Aashirvaad Salt, 1kg, Iodised Salt Made from Natural Sea Salt Crystals

    Aashirvaad Salt, 1kg, Iodised Salt Made from Natural Sea Salt Crystals

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    This is a Vegetarian product. Aashirvaad Salt is solar evaporated; sun-dried for 3 weeks and made from natural sea salt crystals to give you goodness of nature Aashirvaad Salt is iodised salt which aids in mental development The moisture-proof packaging gives a free-flowing texture to the salt This good quality salt ensures a balanced taste in your daily meals

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    General Information
    Package Dimensions14.8 x 14 x 4.8 cm; 1 Kilograms
    Weight1000 Grams
    Net Quantity1000.0 gram
    Special FeatureNatural
    Item Weight1 kg
    Country of OriginIndia

      Product description


      Aashirvaad ensures that good quality ingredients reach your kitchen and Aashirvaad Salt stays true to that word. Made from natural sea salt crystals, Aashirvaad Salt ensures that you and your family receive the goodness of nature daily.

      Aashirvaad Salt is obtained by evaporating sea water or brine in shallow basins by sunlight and wind. When the water evaporates, a salt bed forms at the bottom of the basin. This salt is then collected, and put through elaborate cleansing procedures and is enriched with Iodine to take care of your family’s Iodine requirements.

      Its free-flowing granular form enables easy and clean handling as well as storage.

      We take extra care to ensure that only quality salt reaches your home. Simply because we know that it is the only way you would have it!


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